Secret Women's Business - Vogue 2012

Meet Paul Belt
Secret Women's Business - Vogue 2012

Secret Women's Business - Vogue 2012

Surgical procedures such as Labiaplasty for even the most private of women’s concerns

Dr Paul Belt, a Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, has spent many years perfecting the surgical procedures that cater for the most intimate of a woman’s aesthetic concerns. Labiaplasty (or labioplasty) is an operation that is aimed to reduce, reshape and restore balance to the excess labia minora at the entrance to the vagina. Women seek surgery to this area for a number of reasons.

Some women are concerned about discomfort and irritation while wearing certain clothing or during some activities. Exacerbating activities include exercise, prolonged sitting, cycling, horse riding and, occasionally, sexual intercourse. Other patients seek surgery due to the appearance caused by labial elongation, or due to asymmetry of the two sides of the labia minora. This surgery is increasing in popularity due to more women becoming aware that something can actually be done to improve their situation. Some women have lived with this discomfort for many years and have tried various strategies, such as wearing loose clothing and avoiding activities that may cause their discomfort, to reduce the unpleasant sensations and irritation. Sometimes these concerns have been present since their early teenage years.

Labia minora elongation is a natural phenomenon that increases over time and can be heightened by pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. The changes that can occur include increasing length and diameter and also an increase in pigmentation, with the labia appearing darker and more prominent with respect to the labia majora (outer lips).

Patients will normally consult with Dr Belt about their particular needs and goals of labiaplasty. A consultation involves a detailed discussion and external examination.
The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic, usually as a day case. Labiaplasty is a generally safe operation that can dramatically improve the physical and psychological quality of life for many women.

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