Combined abdominoplasty & mastopexy

Abdominoplasty & mastopexy procedures performed simultaneously, reducing recovery period and cost.

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The Procedure

Please note that it is possible to perform the above operations as a “mummy makeover”.

For detailed information on each of these procedures, please refer to their relevant sections:

The advantage of having these procedures performed simultaneously is that patients will only have one general anaesthetic and generally the pain from the breast surgery almost goes unnoticed as the abdominal surgery is usually the more painful procedure.

It should be noted that the results of combining an abdominal procedure with a breast procedure completely transforms the appearance of the female torso. Furthermore, the procedures work synergistically such that the final “whole (result) is greater than the sum of the parts”.

By combining the procedures the patient will also have one recovery period and the costs are reduced.

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Complications and Risks

All Procedures have potential complications and risks. These can be divided into general complications and those specific to each procedure. The latter are listed in the FAQs below.

General complications include:

  • Wound complications - bleeding, bruising, collections under the skin of blood (haematoma), pus (abscess), serous fluid (seroma), infection, wound breakdown, suture extrusion, sensory loss;
  • Aesthetic complications - poor scars, stretched scars, raised scars (keloid or hypertrophic), contour irregularities, need for revisional procedure;
  • Anaesthetic complications

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