Augmentation mastopexy

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The Procedure

It is possible to combine a breast augmentation with a mastopexy (breast lift).

This is a common procedure that is used to correct the loss of volume and the sagging skin associated with the changes that occur during breast-feeding (lactation).

The advantage of combining the procedures is that it may reduce the costs and it is also possible to reduce the size, length and number of scars involved.

Not all cases are suitable to undergo a combined procedure.

It may be necessary to perform the mastopexy three months prior to performing an augmentation.

When a combined procedure is performed, only a moderate projection implant can usually be employed.  Furthermore, it is very difficult to perform the surgery as a single stage procedure if very large implants are used.

The mastopexy scar may be a circular scar around the nipple (periareolar), a circumvertical scar which is a lollipop type scar with the scar running around the circumference of the nipple with an extension running from the nipple to below the breast fold.  In extreme cases, it may be necessary to employ an anchor pattern scar (or Wise pattern) which consists of a circular scar around the nipple, a vertical scar from the nipple which connects with a small horizontal scar running underneath the breasts.

The breast implant may be able to be inserted through any of the above three types of scar.

Dr Belt would be happy to advise if he feels you are appropriate to have a single or two-stage procedure.

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