Tuberous breasts

Dr Belt offers reconstruction of all degrees of defomity cased by the tuberous breast deformity.

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The Procedure

The condition of tuberous breast deformity can cause abnormalities of breast volume, volume distribution, breast shape, and nipple areolar size and shape. The lower pole of the breast is the most commonly affected. There may be associated protrusion or herniation of the breast tissue into the areola. This can result in an enlarged areola and a constricted base to the breast. There may occasionally be a shortage of breast skin and the crease underneath the breast may be abnormally high. There is usually breast asymmetry with differing degrees of abnormality in each breast.

There are a number of degrees of severity depending on the constriction of the breast base, the level of the breast crease, the skin envelope, the breast volume and the nipple areolar complex. The severity will influence the type of treatment employed.

The principles of treatment are to expand the constricted base, lower the breast crease, increase the skin envelope, augment the volume, reduce the nipple areolar complex and the herniated breast tissue and restore symmetry to the breast.

The treatment options inlcude :

Dr Belt will assess your specific requirements and will taylor your operation(s) to your specific clinical requirements.

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Complications and Risks

All Procedures have potential complications and risks. These can be divided into general complications and those specific to each procedure. The latter are listed in the FAQs below.

General complications include:

  • Wound complications - bleeding, bruising, collections under the skin of blood (haematoma), pus (abscess), serous fluid (seroma), infection, wound breakdown, suture extrusion, sensory loss;
  • Aesthetic complications - poor scars, stretched scars, raised scars (keloid or hypertrophic), contour irregularities, need for revisional procedure;
  • Anaesthetic complications

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